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Unprecedented Times Call for Stop Gap Measures – But That Can’t Be the 'New Normal'

Unprecedented Times Call for Stop Gap Measures – But That Can’t Be the ‘New Normal’

1By Melinda George | April 9, 2020

Over the past several weeks, Learning Forward has listened as educators in our COVID-19 webinars, our online community, and individual conversations have shared that they need support. They need support […]

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Agency by Design

1By Heather Lageman | June 12, 2017

As the school year winds down, the Learning Forward Foundation checks in with two 2016 scholarship winners that have collaborated to structure and support a new teacher induction program that has leadership commitment across the system and is considered empowering and transformational.

Charting a course for the change process: Learning strategies for sails, surfers, and anchors

1By Dawn Wilson | April 4, 2017

Change is a challenge. Read about the different ways your team members will respond to change and how to address each type to ensure learning.

Learning Forward Academy – A participant’s perspective

1By Dawn Wilson | February 21, 2017

After graduating from the Academy, Dawn Wilson knew that she wanted to be a coach and help others experience high levels of learning. Read more about her experience through the Learning Forward Academy and how it transformed her outlook on professional learning.

Intentional connection and community within the Annual Conference

1By Frederick Brown | May 25, 2016

Have you ever been in a room full of people and felt completely alone? I’ve actually experienced that feeling during several conferences I’ve attended throughout my career. I remember walking into the receptions, plenary sessions, and even small concurrent sessions without knowing a soul and then exiting without having a conversation with anyone.

Take advantage of the wealth of options for professional learning

1By Lisa Casto | April 1, 2016

We are fortunate to have a wealth of options to choose from when we plan for and participate in professional learning. There seem to be two distinct strategies, each with its own champion.

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